Learn to drive in the largest open-world game in real life
Only 2 things needed: a game controller & a fast internet
Test drive for free!
It's like Mario Kart,
but in real life.
Dial into an Earth Rover positioned half way around the globe. Explore cities you've never been before.
Test drive for free!
Tested in over 10+ cities!
Go anywhere!
Tour the world
Drive anywhere
Experience over 10+ cities around the world, from the comfort of your home!
All you need is a pass!
No need to buy an EarthRover, just a driving pass opens your door to the entire world.
Test drive for free!
Navigate the  World
Complete Missions
Navigating Checkpoints
Complete missions by driving through a sequence of checkpoints & safely returning to the EarthRover's Home Base.
Difficulty Levels
Each mission is rated from Level 1 to 10, based on factors like terrain, nearby roads, crowded environment, etc.
Test drive for free!
Rise up the Leaderboard
The Path to an EarthRovers Pro
Level Up!
Go up the ranks as you take on increasingly difficult missions.

Completely ascending the ranks allows you to become a "EarthRover Pro", letting you earn points while driving for other FrodoBot owners.
Gear Up!
Gain new abilities (eg. turn on mic, put on custom cockpit skins, open-ended drives, etc) as you climb up the ranks.
Test drive for free!
Real Life = No Respawn
This ain't no simulation. Make it count.
A Game Pass contains 
Life Points and Time Credits.
Life Points
Each failed mission will cost you 1 LP (Life Point).

In theory, 1 LP can last you forever (if you always manage to complete your missions).
Time Credits
Each Earth Rover may have its own rental rate (TCs/hour; 1 TC = 1 USD).

You will be charged TCs based on your actual driving time.
See our gamepasses!
We have three passes available, bundled with Time Credits to begin driving immediately.
1 Life Point Pass + 5 Time Credits!
9.99 USD
Just want to dip your toes into the pool without too much investment? This is a great trial starter.
Buy now!
10 Life Point Pass + 30 Time Credits!
49.99 USD
$5 / LP!
Ideal for those determined to rise up the ranks and get to become an Earth Rover Pro.
Buy now!
Ready to jump into a new 
open world in real life?