Earth Rovers Driving Season 1: Giving out 100,000 FBPs by 31 July, 2024!
Drive to Earn with
your own Sidewalk Robot!
Crowdsourcing the world's largest real-world robotic urban navigation dataset.
It's like Mario Kart, but in real life.
Gaming for Real
Experience the real world from your computer
4G-enabled fun
Insert a 4G SIM card and your Earth Rover's ready to go!

Just plug in a game controller into your home computer and your adventure begins!
Unlimited Range
Earth Rover is controlled via the internet.

This means there's no limit in distance between where you are and where your Earth Rover is. In fact, you can control your Earth Rover even if you're halfway across the world!
Get your Earth Rover
Earn while having Fun
Earn points while your see the world through your robot
Urban driving
Start your drive somewhere outdoor and go on an adventure.

Earn FrodoBot Points (FBPs) for the entirety of your drive, so long >50% of your continuous drive time is done outdoor (with GPS signal).
Difficulty scores
Each drive will be accessed and assigned a Difficulty Score (1-10) based on factors like terrain, environments, etc.

You stand to earn more FBPs if you complete drives deemed more difficult.
What're Difficulty Scores?
Points Distance Driven x Difficulty Score
The further you drive & the more difficult terrain you drive on, the more FrodoBot Points (FBPs) you'll earn.
Tested in over 10+ cities!
Drive where you've never driven before!
Drive Anywhere
Unleash limitless adventures with the 4G-enabled sidewalk robot.
Control Anywhere
Explore and drive from the comfort from your home, or at a local cafe!
Controller, wheel, or keyboard — you choose!
24/7 Fun!
Day or Night
Equipped with toggle-able headlights
All Earth Rovers have headlights that can be remotely turned on or off, allowing controlled visibility in darker conditions.
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Rain or Snow
Seamless driving in snowy or rainy conditions
Tires built to go over terrain and grip onto streets & pavements — no worries about slippery surface!
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Share the Fun (& FBPs)
Earn points even when you don't have time to drive
Share your Earth Rovers with friends, or let Pro Drivers trained from the Earth Rovers School do the driving for you!
BFF with Earth Rovers
Let a Friend drive your Earth Rover
Private sharing
Create time-limited shareable links and invite your friends to access your Earth Rover.
Set point split %
Set a split % so that your friends and you can both share the spoils (FBPs) as they drive and earn points with your Earth Rover.
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Professional Drivers
Create missions & partner with trained Earth Rovers pros!
Create local missions
Create local navigation missions by setting up pre-defined checkpoints.

Pros, even those driving in your city for the 1st time, can now follow your pre-defined missions.
Partner with Pros
Work with experienced Earth Rover drivers who've achieved the highest rank (Earth Rover Pro Driver NFT) in the Earth Rovers School.

Share your Earth Rover in confidence and reward your selected pros with FBPs earned as they complete missions setup by you.
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Earth Rovers School
Earn FBPs + TCs with Earth Rovers School
Training the new Pros
Offer your Earth Rover for trainees going through the Earth Rovers School.

Built as an open-world game, up and coming drivers take on missions around the world as they climb up the ranks and ultimately achieve the "Earth Rover Pro Drivers NFT".
Set your Time Credits (TCs)
Earn FBPs as trainees take on your missions with your Earth Rover.

On top of that, earn TCs (1 TC = 1 USD) as trainees pay up for the opportunity to try out your missions.
Try Driving Open-World
The FrodoBot Dataset
Training embodied AI with drivers' action labels
Leveraging on drivers' actions as training data for embodied foundational models.
Frequently asked questions
FAQ with Cofounder
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